The donkeys

Barney the donkey has lived with us since 2010 and in 2017 was joined by his little cousin Louis. As well as enjoying eating the abundant rashes and tussock grass on the heathland, they do a good jog of helping us keep the Hebridean sheep under control. They are both very sociable and are always delighted with some attention, especially if it involves a carrot! Barney has a beautiful cart, and enjoys pulling it around the point along the shoreline with two happy customers on board. Louis still needs to work on his training a little more before he will be allowed to pull the cart!

Hebridean wool

The Hebrideans are sheared annually and their fleece is sent to be spun into yarn which Fiona then makes into textiles at her studio at Carry Farm. The yarn is a beautiful textural black, flecked with grey, and provides the ideal yarn to make functional textiles for the home, and is available at The Dairy Gallery at Carry Farm.

Hebridean meat

Selected animals provide delicious Hebridean meat available to buy at Carry Farm. It is very different from mass produced, fatty, commercial lamb, and is famous for its dark colour, tender texture and uniquely 'gamey' flavour.  The meat has been shown to be relatively lean with a significantly lower cholesterol level than most commercial lamb. Read our blog on our meat for further details.