Carry Farm is a 66 acre coastal small holding with abundant flora and fauna enriched by a lack of intensive farming.  The land is a mixture of rough grazing, heathland, bogs and native woodland.

In 2007, two Hebridean ewes, Molly and Cally, were introduced to Carry Farm in an effort to maintain the bio-diversity of the land. There is now a flock of around 50 ewes and one impressive  tup Bertie. At Easter time, the front field is the nursery with adorable black lambs leaping around by the shore.

Hebridean Sheep have established a reputation as the breed for the management of delicate ecosystems. Their dietary preferences are different from those of other breeds and this, coupled with their ability to thrive on vegetation with poor energy values, makes them a unique management tool.

Free range hens mill around the farmyard and beyond, and provide lovely fresh eggs for sale at the farmhouse.