Hebridean Meat

In 2007 we introduced two Hebridean ewes, Cally and Molly, to Carry Farm, primarily to help cut the grass!  Hebridean are indigenous to the west coast of Scotland and were once a common sight, originally kept as much for their milk and fine fleeces as well as their meat. The Hebridean was our first choice, a small, hardy primitive breed that are ideal for the management of delicate ecosystems and thrive on vegetation with poor energy values. 

From a slow start, there are now around 50 ewes at Carry Farm, helping us maintain the coastal small holding. Every year, they grow a dark fleece that is shorn and sent to be spun into yarn, and a small number are chosen for meat.  The animals are not killed until they are at least 18 months old as they are a slower growing breed allowing the meat's flavour to fully mature in a way we now rarely see, producing a high quality, lean meat. 

The sheep are born, reared and grazed on our coastal small holding and lead a very happy and content life. Given a name at birth, some will even come when called for grooming, a sheep's life does not get much better!

If you have not yet tried Hebridean meat, then now is the time to try. The meat is totally unique and is undoubtedly the most succulent, tender lamb available, it is a world away from mass produced supermarket lamb with a rich dark hue, succulent tender texture, and a gamey – utterly delicious long forgotten flavour.  And if that is not enough to entice you to trying Hebridean meat, it is also very lean with significantly lower cholesterol than most lamb, yet another important health advantages over modern commercial breeds of sheep.

It is ideal as a roasted joint or made into casseroles and tagines.  Try this warm shredded lamb salad with mint and pomegranate, it is delicious and a current favourite at Carry Farm.  We will share more recipes that we have tried and loved, so keep en eye on our website.

There are a couple of half lambs available now to purchase for £48, all pieces are individually vac packed for freshness and flavour.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve your lamb.

Please remember - our lambs are reared ethically and purchasing your lamb from Carry Farm enables us to continue rearing Hebridean sheep for conservation grazing and helps to ensure the survival of traditional breeds.