As a small family business we have a genuine concern for our environment and seek to minimise any unnecessary impact on our natural surroundings.  To achieve our high standard we continually review our practices and seek new opportunities to preserve Carry Farm for future generations.

Eco-camping at Carry Farm is a conscious decision to encourage visitors to ditch their car and make their way to Carry Farm, be it walking, cycling, kayaking, sailing or public transport, minimising the impact on the environment.

In 2007, two Hebridean ewes, Molly and Cally, were introduced to Carry Farm in an effort to maintain the bio-diversity of the land. There is now a flock of around 40 helping to conserve the rich diversity of the area.

Lodges are equipped with low energy LED bulbs. 

Low level lighting on site only where necessary.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The bunkhouse and office are centrally heated with a wood pellet boiler and all  laundry is washed on site from the hot water produced by the pellets, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Recycling facilities for the usual products.

Furniture produced by local craftsmen in bedrooms.

Wooden flooring and wool rugs.

The lodges are clad in scots pine or larch in harmony with the adjacent woods.

Employ local tradesmen and local businesses when required.

Planting programme of indigenous trees to complement surroundings.

Silver David Bellamy Conservation Award 2005.